The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

In the modern day and age that we are living in, it is quite a necessity to look good. With the pressing demands to be accepted by the society, people tend to be so aware of different ways to make their appearance better. Well, there is no problem to that notion since it is our own prerogative to do what we want as long as we don't bother anyone in the process of doing it. What's scaring some people is the way how some can go and use desperate measures to achieve the "beauty" desired. Here's a famous urban legend from Korea and it will surely freak you out. It is entitled " Cosmetic Sesame" and you might give cosmetics a different look after knowing this legend.

The story goes like this:

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

There was once a girl who was extremely conscious of her looks. She was determined to always look beautiful, and would try any beauty secret at hand. One day, she heard about a new beauty treatment from someone who professed that it was very good for the skin, leaving it smooth and silky

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

The "wonderful' treatment involved mixing sesame seeds in the bath water and immersing in it for a couple of hours.

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

The girl was excited to try it out, and rushed home to give it a go. When several hours had passed, and still the girl did not come out from the bathroom, her mother began to worry. But every time her mother asked the girl to come out already, the reply would always be “just a moment.”

In the end, the mother could no longer contain herself and forced open the bathroom door, and was shocked at what she saw. The sesame seed had dotted her daughter’s body; it had grown roots and latched on to her skin between every wrinkle and every pore. The girl, mad with grief for her lost beauty, was sitting in a corner and frantically trying to remove the seeds with a toothpick.

The Terrifying Cosmetic Sesame Urban Legend from Korea

This urban legend is truly effective in giving the spooks to its readers as it hits everyone's desire, hidden or not, to be attractive. It is part of our human nature to want to be attractive in the physical department. So, if you will read this story, you might freak out with the ways you are making yourself look good, right? Actually, the cosmetic sesame urban legend is somewhat similar to the "Cockroach Facial story" or "Lotus Girls" that has a premise of girls wanting to appear beautiful. This urban legend also shows just how obsessed most of the Korean girls are about their skin and appearance. This story was also reused in a recent horror movie called 전설의 고향 (The Hometown of Legends).
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