Decoding Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible

Decoding Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible

Around 13th Century, during the height of Dark Ages, an enigmatic tome was written by an unnamed monk. He was imprisoned, and he wrote it overnight with the Devil's guidance, the monk died after writing the book. It is a large manuscript famously called the Devil's Bible or Codex Gigas. The book is famous for it's anachronistic representation of the Devil and it's unyielding size. The book is allegedly cursed and anyone who claimed ownership of it will be possessed by the Devil himself.

Devil's Bible Specs

Decoding Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible

The book is from Bohemia(now a part of Czech Republic). The book is also infamous for it's large and intimidating appearance(1 meter in length). It will take two fully grown men to lift it. It is entirely written in Latin. The New and Old Testament are embedded in this heretic tome. The book is entirely made out of animal skins instead of traditional paper used in making scrolls. There are more secretly lurking beneath the book other than it's already enigmatic appearance.

Decoding Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible

Chapters and verses straight out of the Holy Bible are included inside the Codex Gigas. The following arcane works are included in the book:Chronica Boëmorum (Chronicle of the Bohemians) of Cosmas of Prague,two works of Josephus Flavius,Ars medicinae (The art of medicine) and the infamous illustration of the Devil. How did the unnamed monk remember all of these books and compiled it in a giant tome in the span of one night? An unknown force could be responsible for such inhuman writing feat.

Decoding Codex Gigas: The Devil's Bible

The book is currently stored at the National Library in Stockholm,Sweden. The book is open for public viewing. The book is also available for viewing online,you can read the book here for free.


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