Sound of Satan being Burned Alive during an Exorcism Caught On Tape

Are you still doubting the presence of demons? Well, this news is for you. Recently, a priest has played a recording of a woman barking like a dog accompanied with some screaming during an exorcism in which he claims is the sound of Satan being burned alive by the words of the gospel. The audio file was said to be played to the congregation at the Ostrog Serbian Orthodox monastery in Montenegro to emphasize the fact that there are not enough exorcists currently working in the church.

The priest named Arsenije Jovanovic was wearing dark glasses is seen holding a mobile phone in which the recording of the exorcism is playing so that the believers can hear what is happening. The woman’s voice is heard on the file as if it was barking like a dog, and then screaming as the priest who was next to her reads prayers.
 ‘This is how humanity screams! But at the same time this is a wonderful scream, because she is not the one screaming, the screaming is from Satan inside her, because the gospel is burning him. Most priests don’t want to take it on, even though people are asking for help. Unfortunately the result is that today there is a lack of exorcists.’ - Arsenije Jovanovic 

The priest even said the people undergoing an exorcism will scream and will suddenly speak in foreign languages and in some situations, would even try to attack the priest.
‘When the devil comes out of a person, the person usually does not remember anything. The most impressive exorcism that I ever had to attend to was the banishing of the devil from a man after 12 years of possession. After the procedure the man was only able to remember five months of the previous 12 years.’ - Arsenije Jovanovic 

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