Phantom Hitchhiker AKA Ghost of RAF Pilot Terrifies Innocent Drivers

A 'phantom hitchhiker’ is on the loose as it was reported that it was lurking late at night on a narrow country lane. People were convin...

A 'phantom hitchhiker’ is on the loose as it was reported that it was lurking late at night on a narrow country lane. People were convinced that it was the ghost of a dead RAF pilot. Two friends namely Rob Davies and Chris Felton witnessed the ghostly figure of a man trying to wave them down on the side of a road near Belsay in Northumberland. They claimed that the man was wearing a RAF gear. The eerie feeling intensified as they realized that he was standing close to the site of the air force jet crash during the Second World War.

Here's the chilling photo of the "phantom hitchhiker"

"We saw a man standing at the side of the road. We both actually jumped at first because we didn’t see him until very late. He was dressed in a beige colour from head to toe. He was sticking his arm out for a lift, but we could not stop in time due to being at 60mph. Chris, who was driving, decided to turn around for him but we both agreed that he looked a bit odd. We were two miles north of the nearest village and there was nothing for miles." - Rob Davies 
Rob even claimed that the man's eyes did not reflect the car lights.

"We said we would pick him up if he was real and just make sure he was dropped at the nearest village, and joked he might be a phantom hitchhiker. I started filming on my iPhone as it seemed a bit odd. We couldn't remember how far back he was, but we saw him again and slowed. He was dressed in what I can only describe as RAF gear and was holding something under his arm, which looked like a helmet or some kind of bag. We had to turn again so we could pick him up. It was only seconds and no other car had been past, but when we turned around he was gone, We continued driving and there was nobody walking on either side of the road. We cannot explain it - the only explanation is that he walked off into the darkness. There was another car behind us but he did not stop either. We can only assume this driver would have seen him also as his clothes caught the light of the headlights. It would be interesting if they, or any other motorists on that road, have seen him. We are 100% certain that nobody stopped or we would have seen them pulling over." - Rob Davies 
Rob had the idea of the origin of the said haunting when he got home.
 "I Googled all of the fatal accidents that has happened on that piece of road - and there are lots, but when I Googled RAF incidents, I found a search result that linked a crash from 1943, and it even lists serial numbers of the plane involved. The crash happened in a field at Middleton Farm, which is the fields behind where he was."  - Rob Davies 
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