Ghost of Bishop Captured in Creepy Photograph of Haunted Church

A mysterious photo raised an eerie question about its origin, could this be the ghost of a medieval bishop that's lurking in the corner of a medieval church he used to work with? A pcture captured by Kerry Launders who went to Norwich Cathedral with her partner Simon Tobb and children. She was stunned by the medieval church's aesthetics and took lots of pictures using her phone camera. She didn't know that she captured the "ghost" of the bishop from the haunted cathedral. She only noticed it when they got home. The photo shows the faceless form wearing long robes and a tall hat,

"It was my first time in a cathedral and it was really nice. I was just taking photos of the arch on my camera and that was that. There was nothing up there. But when I look back through my photos I saw something and had a proper look and I thought 'wow' this is a good picture. It looks like a bishop - and there are a lot of those buried there - with the long clothing and the tall hat. I wasn't scared when I saw it though because I believe in this sort of stuff." - Kerry Launders

The Gothic grade-I listed building is widely known as a stop-off point for a huge number of ghost tours. People that's working on nearby building sites have reported eerie objects moving on their

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