Voodoo Priest Accused of Having Sex with 11-year old Girl To Free Her From Evil Spirits

What would you do if your dear loved one is being possessed by evil spirits? Would you do anything it takes to help them? To the extent of a...

What would you do if your dear loved one is being possessed by evil spirits? Would you do anything it takes to help them? To the extent of allowing them be sexually harassed/assaulted? A mother of an 11-year old girl accuses a voodoo priest of having sex with her daughter in exchange of freeing her from the evil spirits. The voodoo priest told them that it is necessary in order for her daughter to be "cleansed" from the bad spirits that possessed her body.

Brogenet Cinor, Voodoo Priest

Brogenet Cinor, 48, allegedly convinced the 11-year old's mother that it would cure her of bad spirits. CBSMiami also reports that Cinor is alleged to have abused the girl and had looked for more possible sexual harassment victims. The police said that the girl’s mother took her to Cinor’s home five years ago. The case has only just come to light just now. The mother was made to stay in the house while He took the young girl to a shed in the back garden. He then allegedly told her to undress and have sex with her. He reportedly restrained the girl’s arms and wouldn’t allow her to get up. After carrying out the alleged abuse he gave her money,

The shed where the abuse took place
“He was using the victim’s belief in voodoo and curses and the fact that they believe that they could die if they did not follow his instructions,” - Cindi McCue, Sunrise police spokesman 
Brogenet's House

The girl told her mother what happened a few weeks later, and when she confronted the priest, he denied all accusations. He even went so far as to tell the mother than if she mentioned the allegations to anyone else, she would die as a consequence. During the police investigation, they also managed to contact two adult sisters, in their late 20s and early 30s, who had gone to Cinor for spiritual healing between 2008 and 2009. They both got pregnant and Cinor reportedly paid to have their pregnancies aborted. He even told them that if they tell anyone regarding their condition, they will die as a consequence.
“Our fear is that there may be many other victims who have not come forward, that we would like to be able to talk with, if there are other victims,” Cindi McCue, Sunrise police spokesman
Cinor was finally arrested on June 19th on a charge of sexual battery on a child.
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