The Ghostly Apparition of the ‘Grey Lady’ of Hampton Court Palace

What would you do if you see an evidence that such ghosts does exist and they seem to be haunting you? A photo that's claimed to be a ha...

What would you do if you see an evidence that such ghosts does exist and they seem to be haunting you? A photo that's claimed to be a haunting of the "Grey Lady of Hampton Court" is getting attention as the creepy past of the haunted Hampton Court is being discussed again. The Grey Lady is believed to be haunting England’s Hampton Court Palace, and a young girl also believes that she may have captured photographic evidence to support such claims.

Meet Holly Hampsheir, 12 years-old girl who took this image with her cell phone while visiting the royal palace. She went to take a picture of her cousin, Brook McGee which ended up capturing a very tall figure standing behind her cousin.
Sybil Penn, also known as the Grey Lady of Hampton Court, is another of the palace’s many ghosts. Several sightings of the Grey Lady have been reported in various areas of the castle. She was a servant to the Tudor monarchs of the house and a nurse to Prince Edward, as well as Elizabeth I. She cared for the future queen while she was sick with small pox, only to die later of the same disease.
The first sightings of her spectre began in 1829 when her tomb was moved. Immediately after her tomb was disturbed, several strange noises have been reported. Some say that they can hear a spinning wheel constantly throughout the court. A search in the palace revealed an antique spinning wheel. whether this is a coincidence or not, no one can confirm. Some of the places she continuously haunts are the Clock Court and the state apartments. - hauntedrooms.co.uk

The figure in the captured photo is believed to be the ‘Grey Lady’, who’s the spirit of a woman named Dame Sybil Penn. It’s said that Dame’s spirit began haunting the palace because the nearby church, her resting place, was being rebuilt and they had to move her tomb.
“I was totally freaked out.I didn’t see anything. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear but we had no idea. We haven’t slept properly since.” Holly Hampsheir
Do you believe that the photo from Holly is a manifestation of many horrors that takes place inside the Hampton Court?

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