School Teacher Accidentally Captures Photo of a Demon While Visiting Family in Jamaica

Do you believe in haunting that's brought up by demonic entities? Can you believe that they find ways to make their presences felt and even documented for visual evidences? Well, a 42-year-old teacher from London may have the answer to those questions as he experienced something spooky while he was visiting relatives in Jamaica and captured a very bizarre image after taking a picture.

Here's the chilling photo of the alleged demon:

The teacher was just visiting his parents at a "haunted" house in Jamaica. The unexpectedly creepy image shows what family members believe as the demon of a disgruntled elderly relative. He said that he only took a picture of a painting on a wall in the house showing a scenic image of a waterfall. But when he looked at the captured image, he saw the 'demon' instead.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said:
"There was a wall with a painting on it and i thought that I would take a picture. I was looking at it and I thought 'what is that! Everybody in the house started screaming and running away. I have never seen anything like this. It is disgusting and has given me headaches."

The man's family are also convinced that it is actually a demon and says that their home in Jamaica is haunted. They believe that the demon is that of an elderly relative who was unhappy about being moved into a care home/home for the aged before her death.
"My family believe she has come back to haunt the house" 
The family got so shocked and scared with the photo to the point that they left the haunted house and looked for a place to rent for accommodation.
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