7-Year Old Girl Stands Up To A Homophobic Preacher Goes Viral

The controversial decision that took place last Friday regarding Gay Marriage has been receiving mixed reactions all over the world. LGBT groups and supporters were all joyful about the decision but there are other peoole who spew hate on the decision and to the people who supports gay marriage. A lot of confrontations in the real world and social media are still on the rise but an incident featuring a 7-year old girl against a homophobic preacher goes viral.

Meet Zea, a 7-year-old first grader who surprisingly stood to a homophobic preacher whose trying to spew hate down on a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. The preacher kept on saying what he wants, some are hurtful words being thrown to LGBT groups and supporters. But when Zea heard the preacher focusing his hate at her through a microphone, she quietly walked over towards him and waved her rainbow flag. The rainbow flag signifies the support to LGBT rights and equality.

Zea's father, Ryan Bowling, shared a video of the confrontation on the video sharing site YouTube. He noted that it took place over the weekend at ComFest, an annual music and arts festival in Columbus, Ohio that quickly changed into an impromptu celebration of Friday’s decision.

“Zea didn’t just flash the flag at that hatemonger, and bail. They went toe to toe, for several minutes, while he bellowed all of his fire and brimstone right in her face, Grown man vs first grader. She told me afterward that she did feel scared. The one thing the people of ‪#‎comfest2015‬ never let her feel though? Alone.” - Ryan Bowling

Zea's story received mostly positive remarks. Commending her for her bravery on standing up for something that people don't understand fully. A t-shirt design inspired by her was created to signify the celebration of Same Sex Marriage legalization in the US.

Watch the video here:

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