Two UFOs Photographed Hovering OverLoch Ness

UFO apparitions are on the rise, but what if a UFO can be seen with one of the location wherein one of the ultimate urban legends of all time, the Loch Ness Monster resides? A family whose on a vacation got the proof that it actually happened.

A family while on vacation near Scotland’s Loch Ness got the photos of the said incident. Alan and Anna Betts who were accompanied by Anna’s parents photographed 2 UFOs getting a closer look at the world famous lake. It was captured by Anna’s mother, Tatiana. Alan and Anna made the shocking discovery when they returned home to New York.

“ Our Akita dog, Yuka, was strangely unsettled that night, he never barks but I remember we were laughing at the time saying that he’d seen Nessie because he was looking outside from the cottage window and barking at the sky. We couldn’t see anything at that time though. I can’t offer any logical explanation, I am probably one of the most skeptical people you could find about things like this but I just can’t explain what it is. I know what it looks like though. We showed the pictures to Anna’s parents who were as shocked as us - and her dad is probably more skeptical than me. ” - Alan
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