Two Girls Electrocuted After Attempting To Take Selfie On Top Of A Train

Taking selfies seems to be one of the most talked about phenomenon in the whole wide world during our recent times. Everyone is into it and a lot more are jumping into the craze. Surely, taking selfies is fun but there are some selfie takers that may have gone overboard and risks their life just to capture the "perfect" selfie. Just like the two teenagers who are in a serious condition after they were electrocuted in their conquest to take a selfie on top of a train.

Meet Olesya Belmasova and Anastasiya Kirillova, both 16 years old. The two girls went to a train station in the city of Taganrog located in southern Russia. They climbed on the tank car of an old freight train that was standing at the platform, but the thing is - they didn’t realized it was still in use and is on a live track.

The duo accidentally touched the track and were zapped with thousands of volts leading to their electrocution. A horrified train worker who have witnessed the selfie horror scene said one of the girls looked like she was ready to ‘explode’.

‘I was walking towards them to ask them what they were doing when they were suddenly blasted to the ground. One was completely blackened and the other was on fire as if she had exploded.’ - Witness

The girls were rushed to a nearby children’s hospital with 70 percent burns over their bodies and a number of fractures caused by the selfie accident they got themselves into.

'We climbed on top of the tank car and then I heard a loud clap. We fell off the car and onto the ground. My hair was on fire and I was in so much pain.’ - Anastasiya Kirillova

A police spokesman already confirmed that the two girls just wanted to take some photos from the top of the tank car but got injured by a high-voltage electric current. Both girls are said to be in a serious condition caused by the said accident.

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