The Infamous And Horrifying Curse Of Atuk

We are aware that there are a lot of things that has been associated to such creepy curses. It is not only places that get curses or hauntings. In Hollywood, there has been several films with alleged curses attached onto their names for the reason of numerous deaths that all have these films in common. One of the films that had a famous curse is Atuk. The film "ATUK" is an adaption of the novel "The Incomparable Atuk".

Atuk has been attempted to be filmed and released numerous times, but it has been repeatedly cancelled due to the deaths of nearly every actor interested, linked or promised to play the title character, Atuk. The first actor who allegedly got the curse was the famous John Belushi, he was the first to read the script and be considered for the role. He died of a drug overdose shortly after announcing interest in the role. The next actor was Sam Kinison, an announcement confirming his participation and he even filmed a scene before demanding changes. He left, being dissatisfied, and the film company filed a suit against him that left him bankrupt. He died of a car accident a short while later.

The alleged haunting curse next attacked John Candy, who had also been picked for the title role. The creepy curse allegedly led the actor to his death by heart attack while reading the script. The curse also hit Chris Farley, who was slated for the role of Atuk like his idol, Belushi. He then died of a drug overdose, just the same reason for death of his idol, Belushi. Knowing how infamous the Atuk curse is truly gives some shivers down to any movie fans.

The movie adaptation has since been dropped completely, the superstitious fearing to touch it due to the creepy deaths of its actors, co actors, etc.
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