The Creepy Stull Cemetery; Gates To Hell

In a tiny rural town in Kansas lies a Cemetery that has a terrifying reputation. The cemetery has since been deemed to be evil. Aside from the scary hauntings that the cemetery is kmoan for, it is also said that the cemetery is one of the seven gates to Hell. The cemetery is called Stull Cemetery.

Stull cemetery is believed to be composed of a set of hidden steps which will descend directly to the netherworld itself. It is also believed that the steps are impossible to find due to a hidden seal. The seal only opens on Halloween and the Spring Equinox. And if you are picked or chosen to have found the steps, you are being advised to never venture down them, for it is impossible to ever return in the normal world. A gateway to hell, indeed?

The evil centers in a dilapidated, crumbling church that stood up for a long time. The church was used by witches and the occult as a worshipping place. There is also a haunted pine tree, it was cut down the day before Halloween but shockingly the tree grew directly through a headstone, splitting it into two pieces. The said tree was the place where local men used to hang witches.

The Stull Cemetery is also famous for their remarkable hauntings that remained to be talked about as the years go by. There's a place near a road known as “Devil’s Road,” which strangely appears on old maps of Stull. A place where worshippers of the Dark Prince still goes to and where the actual devils hold court which gives the said cemetery as one of the remarkable gates to hell.

The believed centers of evil in the terrifying cemetery were all removed as the tree got cut off, the church was bulldozed already and "The Devil's Road" got vanished from the map list but the creepy reputation of the Stull cemetery still remains.
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