Hospital Staff Photographs a Ghostly Entity at Work

It is no question that some people find it hard to stay inside a hospital as it is a place where paranormal entities usually stays in. A lot of ghostly hauntings were attributed to the said places as it may acts as a vessel to the deadly spirits who are still roaming the realm of the living. A hospital staff got to experience a ghostly apparition when he least expect it.

Meet Andrew Millburn, a staff at Leeds General Infirmary wherein who took a photograph on June 12, 2015 just minutey before he was to begin his night shift. Andrew recounts the said incident by sharing that his girlfriend simply asked him to prove if he was at work. To answer his gf's query, he took a picture and sent it to her. Later that time, Andrew finally realized that he had unexpectedly captured something bizarre inside the workplace. It was taken in the pediatric ward, and the photo appears to show a ghostly female figure walking into what Andrew believes is the switchboard room. The image is seen by a lot of people a d it received mixed reactions.

“My girlfriend asked me to prove I was at work so I sent her a picture as I walked to my office.” Andrew said. “Unbeknown at the time it appears that I captured a ghost figure in the corridors. I have since put this picture on Facebook, it has received thousands of likes and comments and has been shared as far as America. It has also been shared on to paranormal investigator groups, many of which believe the picture is real.” - Andrew Millburn

This is not the first time the hospital experienced an odd incodent, as Andrew shared that a number of colleagues have reportedly heard footsteps when nobody was around.

“There have been a few odd things. Now people are a bit scared, and apprehensive about going to the loo. I didn’t used to believe in ghosts. I was always a skeptic.” - Andrew Millburn
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