The Haunting Story Behind Shades Of Death Road

There are a lot of urban legends that every place would offer but New Jersey had one of the most eerie and frightening place that anyone should take caution when they try visiting it. Do you know Shades of Death Road? It is believed that it shouldn't be traveled as it is a place where murder was rampant before and the ghosts of the dead still roam until today haunting the living.

"Shades Of Death Road , sometimes referred to locally as just "Shades", is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles (11.2 km) in length in central Warren County , New Jersey. It runs in a generally north-south direction through Liberty and Independence townships, then turns more east-west in Allamuchy Township north of the Interstate 80 crossing. South of I-80 it runs alongside Jenny Jump State Forest and offers access to it at several points." - Wikipedia

The 7 mile long road is known to be haunted. It is haunted to the extent that there is even a lake that can be found along the eerie road and it is called Ghost Lake. It was believed that in the ‘90s, the road was revealed to be a sinister place to be as a group of teens discovered tons of Polaroid pictures scattered in the woods. The pictures are said to be scary as it shows a lot of different morbid images. Some of it shows images of bound women, blindfolded people, tortured people and televisions switching channels.

And if you think that's it, well there are also countless stories of murders that resulted to hauntings. Some of the Polaroids will be found online, but if you do check it, please be reminded that you have been warned.
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