Mother Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until The Day She Gave Birth

Being able to build your own family is truly one of the true essences of a woman. Being able to take care of your baby for straight 9 months...

Being able to build your own family is truly one of the true essences of a woman. Being able to take care of your baby for straight 9 months through pregnancy is no joke and every woman who goes through it gets people respect as it is not an easy task to pull off. But how can you take care of yourself and your baby in the womb if you weren't aware that you are actually pregnant?

Meet Jenna Shields, a mother of two, who had experienced a situation wherein she wasn’t aware she was actually pregnant until a day before she gave birth to her 28-week-old baby boy. According to a report from Mirror, 24-year-old Jenna Shields had no idea that a third child had been living and growing inside her for the past 28 weeks. It was only found out about her condition when a hospital scan confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. However, it also revealed that there were abnormalities. The abnormalities meant that midwives were unable to say how advance the pregnancy was. Her condition showed signs that there was a lack of fluid around the unborn baby.

The critical condition left Jenna, and her partner Matty Wood with two heartbreaking choices; consider a termination, or give birth to a severely disabled baby. But, early morning the next day, baby Tyler was born to the world and this was when Jenna found out that she had actually been pregnant for 28 weeks.

“I just didn’t believe that Jenna could be pregnant, as she was receiving the contraceptive injection. The doctor couldn’t say either, and when we went to the hospital they scanned her, but because of a problem with her waters they couldn’t measure the baby properly and thought she might have been about 12 weeks pregnant. They told us to go home as she wasn’t dilated, but we went back that night and Tyler was born very quickly, I shouted for a nurse and the crash team flew in and I just remember Tyler going one way, and Jenna going the other. The midwife brought a picture of him, and then we got to go and see him in his ventilator. It was the most stressful period of my life. My head was all over the place,”- Matty Wood

A year after, Tyler is living happily with his family. He loves to play with his big brother Harley and sister Elissa at their home in Redcar, Cleveland. He had to face an operation in his heart and to repair a hernia, and he is also set for a hip operation in July.
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