Ebola Survivors May Sexually Transmit Virus After Recovery

There's even more reasons for people to avoid having risky and unprotected sex. We all have witnessed how much danger Ebola had manifested and reached world wide news and attention through its rapid spread. And now, Health officials considers that Ebola survivors may spread the disease through unprotected sex nearly twice as long as it was previously believed.

Through a study, Scientists thought that the Ebola virus could still remain in semen for about three months. But when a recent case in West Africa points out that the infection through sex can also happen more than five months later. According on the recent case, officials are now warning male Ebola survivors to avoid unprotected sex indefinitely since infection may still happen through sex more than five months after recovery.

To prove this claim, A recent case of a 44-year-old Liberian woman whose infection likely came from a 46-year-old man who had Ebola symptoms last September. The woman fell ill in March, a week after sex with him, and later died. But another woman he had sex with around the same time tested negative for the deadly virus.

" In Guinea, Dr. Sakoba Keita, the national coordinator for Ebola response, said a woman in the southeastern town of Macenta contracted Ebola after having unprotected sex with her husband. For the past month, officials have recommended all survivors use condoms until more is known. " - nytimes

Will this news create additional stigma for those who survive the dealy virus? We hope not.

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