Groom Commits Suicide Due To His Ugly Bride

Groom Commits Suicide Due To His Ugly Bride

They say that when you love someone, you don't care about his/her flaws, imperfections and shortcomings. But looks like that's not the case with this groom who attempts suicide after seeing his "ugly" bride.

An arranged marriage groom was reportedly so upset when he met his bride for the first time. He was so frustrated to the point that he tried to drown himself.

Meet Kang Hu, 33 years old, he stunned their wedding guests, family and friends when he apologised to his bride Na Sung, 30 years old. Kang hu told her that she was 'too ugly' for him to marry. He then hurriedly walked out of the wedding place. Next thing they knew, he was seen walking along the river, which he threw himself into wanting him to end his own life

'The bride was devastated, her family were furious, his family were furious, and we his friends were embarrassed. - Pal Chan Wang

'Kang has very exact tastes and had been forced into this marriage.'
Passersby who seen and discovered Kang in the river called the police immediately as they rushed down to help. He was fully clothed and floating face down in the water. When the police arrived one jumped in and dragged him ashore with the help of foremen who put a rope around his chest to pull him out before pumping his chest. They saved his life." - Qan Tsui

Kang was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors said he was in a stable condition already.

LH'I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her she wasn’t what I had expected and I realised she would be bad for my image. My parents had arranged this and I couldn’t see any way out apart from suicide.' - Kang Hu
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