The Unsolved Mystery of The Mary Celeste

Are you that type of person who's scared to travel by water? If yes, this article might add to your long list of reasons why you will ne...

Are you that type of person who's scared to travel by water? If yes, this article might add to your long list of reasons why you will never ever travel in water. Can you still remember the unsolved mystery of the Mary Celeste Ghost Ship? The mystery of the Mary Celeste ghost ship is probably one of the stories that may never get solved. It is full of mystery and theories plagued behind its name.

The Mary Celeste Ship was found floating in perfect condition without its crew, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The idea of having a ship float over water without anyone controlling it remains to be a mind boggling mystery for over 125 years. The ship was said to deliver wine and liquor on November 1872 headed by the Captain of the ship Captain Benjamin Briggs. He was accompanied by his wife, his young daughter and a crew that consists of seven men. After a month of the ship's departure, It was seen on December 4, 1872, without a crew but in perfect condition. It was able to surpass the difficulty of floating 600 miles off Gibraltar. The only things that went missing from the ship were the ship’s paper, chronometer and the people on board. This shocking discovery made people believe taht something is terribly wrong with the ship. 

Due to its unbelievable story, There are countless theories and speculations on what happened to the fates of the people on board the Mary Celeste Ship.

The ship was attacked by pirates, killing the whole crew and the boat was then abandoned by the pirates after the attack.
The entire crew have been swept overboard by a large wave that's why the chronometer and ship’s also went missing when the ship was found.
The Mary Celeste came to the aid of a burning cargo ship that's full of coal and explosives,  The Mary Celeste may have got a little too close to the burning ship prompting the crew to abandon the ship into a small lifeboat. The lifeboat then capsized and all hands were lost. But there is no records of a cargo ship being lost during that period of time.
The captain of the Dei Gratia, the ship which found the ship plotted to take over the ship by using three of his members on the Mary Celeste as crewmen. Once at sea, the plan was carried out and the crewmen overtook the vessel and killed the captain and crew. 
The sea spirits took the crew and never let them be seen since they are now part of their mystic world.

The Mary Celeste Ship is now considered to be a Ghost Ship because of its mysterious yet gripping story. Will this mystery ever be solved? And if gets solved, what proofs can support its theory to the one of the most talked about mysteries of all time that remains unsolved up to this day.

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