The Terror of the Haunted Villisca Ax Murder House

Haunted House stories never ceases to illicit fear and spark interest to anyone who gets a chance to hear it. One of the most talked about s...

Haunted House stories never ceases to illicit fear and spark interest to anyone who gets a chance to hear it. One of the most talked about stories of a haunted house would be the Villisca Ax Murder House located in Iowa. The said house gained more attention when the iconic horror film "The Sixth Sense" got released.

Do you remember the famous haunted house? The terror started on June 10, 1912. A gruesome murder occured sometime between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am in J.B. Moore residence located in the humble town of Villisca, Iowa. The said gruesome murder that night was dubbed as the worst mass homicide in Iowa history. It was tagged as such because there were eight victims that died in the most horrible way. They were the married couple Josiah B. Moore (age 43),Sara Moore (age 39) together with their children named Herman(age 11), Katherine (age 10), Boyd (age 7), and Paul (age 5). The Moore family isn't the only victims that night, they were also joined with their two guests Lena Stillinger (age 11) and Ina Stillinger (age 8). The murder weapon used was discored in a tiny bedroom downstairs, propped up against the wall next to the dead bodies of Lena and Ina Stillinger. It was a large axe that was owned by Josiah Moore.

The horrible deaths of the Moore family and their guests had many speculated suspects but ironically, no one was ever charged. Making the case to remain unsolved up to this very day. There was a common belief that there was a serial killer responsible for the said murders. Since then, The house became a hot spot for numerous paranormal activities. Through those claims of ghostly encounters, The Moore house gained its spooky reputation.

The house has been passed on to many owner and one of its owners turned it to a museum to preserve the house and its so-called legacy to American crime history and paranormal quests. Because of this overnight visitors consisting of Ghost questors flocked to the house with the mission of seeking the paranormal legacy of the house. The horrific experiences were said to include the eerie sounds of children’s voices relating it to the young victims of the 1912 Murder. Objects also became creepy as lights suddenly disappears and things falling such as lamps. Visitors also expressed that they feel heaviness and uneasiness.

The house was believed to have sparked more interest to people when the movie "The Sixth Sense" due to its similar way of showing fear and paranormal activities.

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