The Most Common Dreams Symbolization And Their Interpretations

Dreams are often associated with our hidden desires, frustrations or sometimes it serves as a warning for us to be extra careful to every li...

Dreams are often associated with our hidden desires, frustrations or sometimes it serves as a warning for us to be extra careful to every little thing that we do. But what does a dream and its symbols truly mean, are they something that we should be scared of? Or is this just an interpretation of our vivid imagination?
Dream Interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unravelled by people with certain powers. In modern times, various schools of psychology and neurobiology have offered theories about the meaning and purpose of dreams. - wikipedia

1. Falling to a dark space / cliff

One of the most common dreams would be falling into a somewhat like a cliff but you always get back to consciousness and you really didn't hit the bottom of that dark space.

Interpretation: You are in the process of regaining control on your life.

2. Death

Associated with negativity and often treated as a scary dream that someone should try to avoid.

Interpretation: Though it's deemed to be negative by others, The usual meaning of death in our dreams is about CHANGE. You are about to enter a new transition on your life.

3. Means of Transportation

We often dream to be riding in a car that we did not own yet, or we witness vehicles go our way or chasing us.

Interpretation: This means reinforcement of values or experience. If the vehicle on your dream was a large one, it means the bigger experience you need to give or receive.

4. Nudity

We often consider nudity on our dreams as lewd or very sexual, right?

Interpretation: Dreaming of nudity shows that the dreamer is in a state in his life wherein he is at more vulnerable phase. You are being open and true to yourself and you need to be braver to continue the honesty and openness that you have.

5. Food 

One of the most enjoyable and fun dreams that anyone can have as it shows unlimited find of food that we long to taste.

Interpretation: Food and Knowledge are synonymous in the dream world. If you dream of eating in your dream, it means that you are gaining knowledge and that's a good thing.

6. People 

We may dream of a dream that shows us interacting with someone close to us such as a friend, family, loved one. Sometimes, it could be a total stranger.

Interpretation: If you happen to see someone close on your dream, it means that you should deal with an issue that has something to do with you and that person. It may be not discussed yet but it needs to be talked to. It also shows our characteristics of one's self.

7. Running / Being Chased

A very scary dream indeed most especially if you don't know who you're running from and what's the purpose of that someone to chase you.

Interpretation: The dream conveys a message that there's something in your life, it could be a problem or a task that you are running from that needs utmost attention or resolution. You need to be brave to point that out and be able to face that problem.

8. Home

This is considered to be a very cozy dream as it gives you a new look to your home that you are totally comfortable with.

Interpretation: Dreaming of your house means that you are exploring the layers of your consciousness. Each part of the house corresponds to a certain part of your psyche.

9. School / University

If you hate school, you would not like the sight of your classroom in your dream but to the majority of the dreamers, dreaming about your school gives us a warm feeling just like dreaming of our own home.

Interpretation: Dreaming of going to your school means you are in the process of integrating new lessons/learning in your life. If you are dreaming of having a test inside the classroom, it means that you need to have a self-evaluation and figure out on which level of your learning in life you are currently in.

10. Having Sex

Very sexual and very liberating to anyone who have dreamed of having sex with someone you know or do not know.

Interpretation: The dream of having sex means that you are about to involve yourself in a more intimate relationship with the opposite sex or with yourself. Liberation from your inhibitions and it also serves as an outlet to your sexual desires.

11. Having A Baby

If you are a teenager and still studying or a single one, dreaming of having a baby might scare you as it may be an obstacle to your plans. But you don't have to be totally scared about it because it has a different meaning.

Interpretation: It means that you are taking on a new path, you are opening yourself to a new phase that gives you more space to grow as an individual.

12. Animals

Dreaming of different animals may give you a feeling of happiness or fear if you happen to not know the animal's values.

Interpretation: Dreaming of animals means that you are gaining insight from your habits that you may not know yet. Each animal corresponds to different habits or representations that we have in our self. For example, dreaming of a dog may mean that you are in a relaxed mood and you are a loyal person.

Dreams may not be the same always and its interpretations may not be the same as well, But dreams reminds us to reflect on ourselves and think about where we are in our lives right now, are we still growing or are we stuck in the same plane?

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