The Haunted Zombie Doll of Texas

There are beliefs that objects can be haunted or be possessed by an evil spirit waiting to wreck havoc to anyone who owns it. There are clai...

There are beliefs that objects can be haunted or be possessed by an evil spirit waiting to wreck havoc to anyone who owns it. There are claims that this may only be a product of a vivid imagination. But there's a lot of claims made by different people that a certain object is haunting them. So what would you believe in? Can objects be really haunted just like what we see in countless horror movie plots? Take for example the article for today, A haunted doll collector is having problems since she got hold of a haunted zombie doll.
Most items that are considered haunted are imprinted with residual energy. Some items can store the energy of human emotions. Most items can relinquish this energy after a few seconds to minutes, while others can hold onto and release residual energy more slowly. Usually imprints are stronger when there was tragedy or strong emotions involved.
In some cases an intelligent spirit can become attached to an item and follow it wherever it goes. When I say attached, I mean mentally attached not physically bound to an item. Much like a spirit may decide not to pass into the light, a spirit may feel the need to look after a favorite possession or if they are emotionally distraught, find comfort in a familiar item. - manchesterparanormal.org

A creepy story was reported to "Haunted America Tours" about a voodoo doll from Texas that is said to be haunted causing fear and uneasiness to its owner.

A woman who was said to be a collector of haunted dolls in Galveston, Texas bought a doll  that was made of string and cloth through a site called Ebay from a seller in New Orleans. The doll looked so creepy and it got the doll collector interested on buying it, The doll ad on the said site has a warning tag from its seller. The original sellers stated that the Haunted Zombie doll was something to be scared of as it is very much active and the creepy part of the warning tag was whoever gets to be new owner must obey the rules. The most crucial rule was to never attempt to remove the doll from its silver casing, it is not something ot be played with. Thus, even taking a view from it is strictly prohibited.


The doll collector purchased the Zombie Doll and did not bother to follow the rules and removed the doll from its silver casing. The doll collector does not seem to believe the warning so she took the doll out as soon as she received it. That hasty decision might caused her to be trapped in a creepy situation. Ever since she took it out, the zombie doll began to attack her and give her nightmares consistently. The new owner tried to contact the person where she bought it from thru emails but she doesn't receive any replies since then. She even tried to sell it on Ebay but when there are people who purchases it from her and when she delivers it to them, the purchasers says the same thing, They only received the empty box. Yes, there's no doll in it. She only wakes up to see the doll on her doorstep whenever she tries to dispose her or sell her. She even asked for help on radio stations but whenever someone tries to help her, they suddenly don't show up.

Recently, she tried to hide the doll in her attic and she is planning on selling her house with the doll trapped on its attic with the hopes of getting free from the haunted zombie doll.

The haunted zombie doll is now placed back on her silver casing but she does not have her new owner yet. The real question is, will she let her current owner escape and get rid of her?

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