The Creepy Tale of Dead Children's Playground

Playgrounds are a place wherein you can enjoy your time of being a child, the idea of playing and enjoying your time in a safe place like a ...

Playgrounds are a place wherein you can enjoy your time of being a child, the idea of playing and enjoying your time in a safe place like a playground is pretty interesting and anyone would go and play anytime, right? But what would you do if the kids you see on the playground are not alive, just ghosts who can't let go of their favorite place? Let me introduce the "Dead Children's Playground", a playground next to Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. It is known to be a spot for local thrill seekers to come see and check if the the reports of the swings moving and sounds of children playing after dark are indeed true. It is found to be one of the most chilling haunted stories ever because the thought of a story about young children still playing through eternity, never going home to their families and never leaving their beloved swing set because they don't really know if they are dead or not is totally creepy and eerie to hear.
Hidden amongst the old beech trees within the limits of Maple Hill Cemetery lies the Dead Children's Playground, which in local stories is said to be haunted by the children buried nearby. Maple Hill Park was founded in 1822. Some people say that it is the spirits of the cemetery's children that come out to play. But another legend tells another story, around 1960 several children were abducted and their bodies were later found at the area of the Dead Children's Playground. - wikipedia

 There are two creepy stories/legends that revolves around the haunted playground. The first one is that the ghosts of the dead children makes their presences felt to the locals at night. The haunting consists of  noises where you can hear children playing, children calling out to each other, even parents calling their children’s names, and also playful footfalls of running children. Those hauntings were claimed by the locals who have witnessed the terror of the playground. All of those noises occur between the hours of 10pm and 3am, it is considered to be the rightful time for ghost kids to be active and reclaim the park from the living children, A belief says that those kids are from the adjacent Maple Hill Cemetery

The second creepy tale of the playground originated in 1960s as there was a child murderer who victimizes local children and buried their bodies on the land wherein the playground was built years after. Skulls and other distinct traces of the kids who went missing was seen on the said ground and it started the belief that the kids' noises were from the victims of the said child murderer.

The murderer was never identified nor the missing kids have been seen. No justice was served and locals believe that the kids haunt the playground because they are asking for justice to be served before they could rest in peace.

The playground right now looks new and improved but thrill seekers still go to the said haunting spot and check for themselves if they could see or even hear the dead children playing with them.

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