Teen Gouged Out Girl's Eyes In Order To Perform Satanic Ritual

There are tons of cases that involves murder that has something to do with a satanic ritual. There are stories of  there are people willing to give their lives to fulfill the ritual or worse, people sacrifices innocent people's lives to call on the devil.

One of the most recent and terrifying example of this case would be the Corriann Cervantes murder case. Cervantes, A 15 years old girl who hot her eyes gouged out by her killer whose aged 17 years old when it happened. Cervantes begged for her life but the urge of the suspects to complete the ritual is too strong that they refused to hear her plea.

The murder took place on Houston and its alleged suspects were the 17-year old man named Jose Reyes and another 16-year old boy, The victim is the 15 year old Corriann Cervantes. The said murder was all because of a satanic ritual. The two suspects visited the victim's apartment to have sex after a night of taking drugs and alcohol. Everything was said to be consensual, even the sex until it turned to be beating and the two suspects starts their satanic ritual on her.  The suspects even used screwdrivers, torsos and a heavy porcelain lid of the toilet tank while beating the victim.

"There were pieces of porcelain embedded in her face," 

The prosecutors said that the two teens that time were making a deal with the devil and disfiguring Cervantes' body is the only way for them to please the devil. They even carved an upside down crucifix on the girl's stomach for them to get what they want from the devil.

"Whether or not the devil was involved, what happened in that apartment was sadistic and inhumane, He said he had no regrets." -  John Jordan, Harris County Assistant District Attorney
What's more terrifying was that the suspect Jose Reyes isn't remorseful of his act and is even proud for what he did. Reyes was charged for Capital Murder and will face life sentence if proven guilty.

It is truly creepy to hear someone capable of doing something like this just to perform their rituals, The dilemma would be to decide whether this teens deserve to be given a second chance or not?
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