Teen Burned Alive, Her Last Words Reveals Her Murderer's Identity

Crime nowadays gets more bizarre and devastating. A teen from Mississippi was burned alive and her last words to her rescuers could lead the police to the suspects of this gruesome crime.

The victim named Jessica Chambers, 19 years old was seen burning near her car that was also engulfed in raging fire. It was said to be that she died from severe burns as she garnered 98 percent burns on her body. Jessica's family was in great shock and despair to what happened to their beloved daughter.

"They have ripped everything I have, She left to go clean out her car and was going to get her something to eat." - Lisa Chambers, the victim's mother

"When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire, Only part of her body that wasn't burned was the bottom of her feet. They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out. She had a big gash on top of her head." - Ben Chambers, victim's father

Jessica was seen walking while burning, the only part of her body unburned was the soles of her feet. Before she died, Jessica told the authorities who have done the gruesome act to her. The investigation team would not divulge the information yet as it may hinder their ways of tracking the killer.

Her parents are not the only people left wondering who could do something so violent. Ever since the crime happened, people all over the town and social media took sympathy and expressed their hopes of finding the justice for Jessica. The hashtag #JusticeForJessica was used to spread the news.

Jessica's family pleads for help on making the investigation move faster to capture the killers of their daughter.

."Even if they don't think it's information, if it's just something they heard, to please call the sheriff's department" - Lisa Chambers

"I love her you know, I'm so sorry Daddy wasn't there for her, I'd trade places with her in a minute if I could." - Ben Chambers

Several people are being questioned by the police and investigation is still on process.

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