Sea Monster Mysteriously Spotted on Google Earth

Technology nowadays really strengthens connections between people through its continuous innovation. You can check almost everything on the Internet, you can even check for directions and find virtual maps online. A creepy image from Google Earth generated a lot of speculations that there is truly a giant sea creature existing and is just lurking in New Zealand waters. The said creature was spotted on Oke Bay.

 The eerie image was spotted by an engineer who's researching the said area before heading there for vacation. The image led people to further believe that there may be a large sea monster lurking in the waters of New Zealand’s Oke Bay. The engineer said that it all happened in early December while he is doing some research on Google Earth for his holiday home. He suddenly captured an unexplained wake in the bay.

 The said image was captured via satellite on January 30th, 2014 at around 11:30 a.m. and the wake could’ve been left by a sea creature that could be 12 meters (39 feet) in size. There are claims that the Native Maori will call this creature a “Taniwha," Taniwha are creatures that live in deep pools of rivers, caves, prominently in the sea with dangerous currents and humongous waves.

 "I spotted it about a week ago. We have some property near Oke Bay and I’m about to build a beach chalet up there. I zoomed down and found that. It’s way too wide for a shark and way to long. It’s got to have a lot of weight under the water to create that kind of drag."

This shocking and strange discovery is truly worth noting for a fact that no scientists, explorers, marine experts has weighed on this image. The engineer shared that it was too big to be a shark and very quick and fast to be a whale. Creepy right?

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