Mysterious Lake Appears In The Desert All Of A Sudden

It would be a shock for everyone who's familiar with how deserts look to discover a lake suddenly appearing in the middle of it. A myste...

It would be a shock for everyone who's familiar with how deserts look to discover a lake suddenly appearing in the middle of it. A mysterious lake has popped all of a sudden in the desert region of southern Tunisia. Scientists and locals were all in awe to this so-called miraculous event. Experts are still at a loss on words to fully explain its origin.

It is trivial for everyone on  how the water was able to get in the Tunisian desert. The said desert was named Lac De Gafsa. One of the journalists in the region told that local people should stay away from the lake. Here's what she has to say about the lake:
It's in southern Tunisia, about 25 kilometers from a place called Gafsa. The region is quite well known because it's where phosphate is mined. The lake is about a hectare in width, and it's believed to be between 10 and 18 meters deep. It's not entirely clear yet how this water has appeared and how this lake has formed. Shepherds reportedly discovered this lake in the desert about three weeks ago. Since then pictures have emerged and people are going swimming there, but it's desert terrain, so it's quite unusual for this amount of water to appear in the middle of a desert.- Naveena Kottoor

Up to now, A lot of theories are being pointed out just to explain the appearance of the lake. Here are some of the theories/speculations made:
  • God's gift to the Tunisian locals
  • UFO/Aliens way of luring people
  • Rain Water that just took too long for people to discover
  • Earthquake which led to a tremor that ruptured the rocks letting water to rise and fill the space.

Locals are ecstatic for the lake's appearance on their desert but scientists still warns the public from using it or swimming on it since there's still no concrete explanation for the origin of the lake. This could be dangerous, we have seen similar cases like this. Just like in 1986, a giant bubble of C02 escaped from a lake in Africa and silently suffocated 1,700 people who were within 25 km, as well as 3,500 livestock. Not much of a miracle, right?

source: dw.de

The mysterious lake will still illicit excitement, trigger imagination or may strengthen their Faith but it is still best to do primary safety precautionary measures to avoid regrets in the future.

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