Ghost Apparition Spotted At A Celebrity Wedding

Having a successful and intimate wedding are one of the most anticipated milestone to every couple who dreams of settling down together. That's why seeing your wedding being witnessed by the people you know who have supported your love all throughout the years is so special. But what if something eerie appears on your wedding?

The story of love between celebrities Chito Miranda and Neri Naig has gone a long way. Chito Miranda is the frontman of one of the most successful bands in the history of Philippine music industry while Neri Naig is one of the versatile actresses of this generation have tied the knot and their wedding is much talked about. One of their wedding pictures has gone viral due to a sight of a "ghost" witnessing the newlyweds' reception have appeared.

There are speculations that it is indeed a ghost since the location Tagaytay is said to be haunted and the position of the "ghost" seems to be appropriate for any guests to stay in, It could also be a case of bad lighting from the camera and that ghostly figure was a guest as well.

There are also theories that the ghost may be the ghost of "BULOY", Buloy is one of the iconic hits of Chito Miranda's band "Parokya Ni Edgar" who was said to be a close friend who have died. Speculations say that their beloved friend did not want to miss his friend's special day.

"Buloy was actually a real person, an FEU fine arts student, but he was still alive when the song was written. He was one of the band's close friends kase sobrang bait daw. He actually appeared in the video of Buloy. The song wasn't a true story about him then; they simply got his name. but sadly, some time later, buloy did commit suicide because of several personal problems. " - Parokya Ni Edgar, Facebook Page

The photo still needs to be proven to be a case of a ghost sighting and the newlywed couple has not said anything about the controversial photo yet.

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