Filipina Newscaster's Typhoon Ruby Comment Goes Controversial

Filipina Newscaster's Typhoon Ruby Comment Goes Controversial

The Philippines made huge headlines last year for the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan. The whole world were in shock as they witnessed the wrath of the typhoon to the Asian country. But before we bid farewell to 2014, Another Super Typhoon named Hagupit / Ruby made the Philippines feel nervous, panic and scared as this Typhoon could hit them just like what Haiyan did. But in the midst of preparation and giving precautionary measures for the people in the Philippines, A remark from a famous Filipino newscaster has arise and is stirring controversy as the comment made was deemed to be "uncalled for" or "unnecessary" by the people who have watched the live airing of the news program.

Korina Sanchez, A Filipina newscaster was slammed for her controversial comment regarding the Typhoon Ruby. The said remark was deemed insensitive by people who have watched it on televison, seen it on video sharing websites, etc. The remark made by the newscaster left a bad impression as she suggested that the Typhoon should only hit the country of Japan.

Here's an excerpt from the discussion that aired live on TV:
Korina Sanchez: Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis. (We can still pray so that the Typhoon can veer away) 
Noli de Castro: Sana ay hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan. (Hopefully, half of the typhoon will only hit the Philippines, the other half will hit Japan) 
Korina Sanchez: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat? (Is it possible for the typhoon to entirely just hit Japan?) 
Noli De Castro: Wag naman. (Hope not) 
Korina Sanchez: Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila. (Let Japan have it all, they are more capable)

The discussion went viral as it sparked controversy from a suggestion made by Sanchez that may sound "insensitive" which irked and got netizens irritated, here are some of the reactions from social media:

This is not the first time for Sanchez to be embroiled in another controversy that has something to do with a typhoon. 

Sanchez became controversial as well for contradicting some of the remarks made by a famous newscaster Anderson Cooper who made a coverage for the Tacloban City devastation made by typhoon Haiyan.

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