'Eye of Sauron' To Open Up Over Moscow Skyscraper Tower


A very exciting feature from one of the iconic films of all time will be having its real-life appearance on the Moscow Skyscraper Tower. The "Eye Of Sauron" will be lighting up the Moscow City as the latest film installment from The Hobbit will be premiering in Russia by Thursday Night.

The Russian art-group ‘Svechenie’ conceptualized and dreamed up this amazing installation to be a wonderful tribute to the epic saga that we all love. The real life Eye of the Dark Lord of Mordor will “let millions of fans visit Middle-earth” and will give fans a glimpse on what does it truly look like.

According to rt.com;
The light installation of the perilous Eye engulfed in flames will be set up on the roof of the “IQ-quarter” complex at the Gals-development company in Moscow International Business Center "Moscow-City". In Tolkien’s saga the lidless Eye was the symbol of power and fear though which the Dark Lord Sauron was able to exert his will over Middle-earth. It was stationed atop the Barad-dûr tower – the fortress from which Sauron watched over the world. The All Seeing Eye is an allusion to mass surveillance and control.

The said structure installation will truly entice fans and non-fans as the Eye of Sauron is too irresistible not to see right?

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