A Man Had No Idea He Gifted A Christmas Present To The Woman He'll Marry 14 Years Later

Christmas is truly the season of love and giving. A time that is most anticipated by kids because gifts are pouring and who wouldn't wan...

Christmas is truly the season of love and giving. A time that is most anticipated by kids because gifts are pouring and who wouldn't want to receive gifts? Who would guess that a story of love between two strangers started with a simple Christmas Box that was sent 14 years ago? Truly a story of how fate brings us to our destined "one."

Meet Tyrel and Joana Wolfe, The couple who didn't know that they had a connection with each other since year 2000. It all started with a Christmas present that Tyrel packed 14 years ago. The young Joana received a Christmas present from a bible school in Manila, Philippines. The box has a photo of the boy who packed it for her and that boy was 7-year-old Tyrel Wolfe. Aside from the photo of the young Tyrel in the box, There's also a name and address in Idaho of Tyrel. The young Joana sent Tyrel a letter to thank him but he never got the chance to read it because he did not receive it in the first place.

After 11 years, Joana tried to search for his Christmas gift giver. She used Facebook to look for Tyrel and she luckily found him. Since then, they became online friends who shared a lot of things in common such as music and goals in life. Their friendship got deeper and Tyrel saved up money to come visit Joana on her country to date her.   
Once I saw his face, an amazing feeling came over me, I was so happy I cried. - Joana

After his short visit in the Philippines, The two knew that they are the one for each other and started saving up so that they could get married and live the quiet life they both dreamed of.
The destined couple got married on October 5 and to pay tribute to the "Christmas box" that connected them together, The couple asked their guests to bring Christmas shoe boxes to be their wedding gifts.

Tyrel knew from the day that he packed that box 14 years ago that a certain girl will be happy to receive but he never thought that he will be the one receiving joy when he finally met the girl he gifted the Christmas box.

Truly a story of love and how it moves in mysterious ways.

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