It's Confirmed! Goodbye Nokia, Hello Microsoft Mobile

It's time to say goodbye to Nokia. It's totally nostalgic when you and your friends r...

It's time to say goodbye to Nokia.
It's totally nostalgic when you and your friends remember playing "Space Impact", "Snake" & etc or even the user-customization settings that your old Nokia phone has right?
For Nokia lovers out there or to anyone who have experienced using a Nokia phone, You need to know that Nokia is saying goodbye and will be having a name change. Microsoft already announced last year that they are buying Nokia for $7 Billion Dollars and it quite shocked some people.

And now, Microsoft Mobile notified the tech world that it's deal is about to be completed on or before April 25, 2014 and that's few days from now. Nokia will now be renamed into Microsoft Mobile. Microsoft will take over Nokia's phone-making division, Nokia will still have it's very small existence though. Nokia will still support Nokia Solutions & Networks (NSN) and HERE Maps.
Microsoft Mobile taking over Nokia is not really a bad news, This means more innovative phones will be out to keep the competition (Samsung and Apple) more exciting.

In the coming days, You better get used to calling your phones as Microsoft Mobile, No more Nokia.
So long Nokia, Thanks for the good memories.
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